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Zip Conferencing Launches a New Web Conferencing Platform

Zip Conferencing has launched a new version of its popular Web Conferencing platform with enhanced features and a more intuitive interface.

Whitehouse Station, NJ— March 23rd, 2010 —Zip Conferencing announced today that it has launched a new version of its Web Conferencing service interface that has been completely redesigned to enhance the meeting experience.
The new improved Web Conferencing service continues to provide the same features of the previous service but has an easier to understand user interface and additional enhancements.  The new platform is built using Flash® so there is no software to download and participants are able to join the meeting in seconds.
 “Zip Conferencing believes that one of the keys to more people enjoying the benefits of Web Conferencing is ease of use.” said Jim Miller, President of Zip Conferencing. “Making Web Conferences easier to use for the Host and the Participants will ultimately lead to more wide spread use of this powerful business tool.”
Web Conferencing Features
The Web Conferencing service offered by Zip Conferencing comes with a number of standard features including Application and Presentation sharing which allows you to share any application on your desktop or your entire desktop.  The new interface makes application easy as well with a one button process to start sharing your desktop or application.  Video Sharing is also part of the service where you can share your video image with your participants during your presentation.  You have full control over all aspects of the meetings and the abilities of the participants.  You can even promote a participant so that they can take control of the presentation.  The web conferencing service is fully integrated with the Audio service as well.  You and your participants have the ability to have the system call out to them to join the conference call from within the application.  A chat feature allows you to chat with one or all members of the audience at once.  Advanced controls allow you to easily conduct a polling session or Q&A and share the results with your audience.  White-Boarding and annotation within application sharing keeps your presentation interactive as well.  Zip Conferencing also provides customers with their own unique URL and the ability to customize the interface with their own choice of colors and a company logo.  The online account management tool gives the Moderator control over a number of features within the web conferencing interface and the conference call.
The Web Conferencing service is moderately priced at only $39 per month for unlimited usage not including the audio conference connection.  You can have as many as 125 participants at a time on the web conferencing service and have as many conferences in a month as you like.

Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable audio and web conference call services combining easy to use, convenient features with affordable rates.


Jim Miller, President
Zip Conferencing

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