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Zip Conferencing Introduces New Low Rate Plans for Conference Calls

Zip Conferencing has introduced new pricing packages for conference call services that include a new $99 a month plan for only 3.7¢/min.

Whitehouse Station, NJ— April 21st, 2010 — Zip Conferencing announced today that it has introduced two new low Monthly Minute Plans for its toll free conference call services.   Monthly Minute Plans offer significant discounts for customers who use conference call services on a consistent basis.
Monthly Minute Plans start at just $19.99 per month for 515 minutes, an effective rate of 3.9¢ per minute.  If you go over the included minutes in the plan additional minutes are just 3.9¢ per minute.  For customers who do at least 2 conference calls per month will benefit from subscribing to this Monthly Minute Plan instead of going with the company’s Pay-as-You-Go plan which is 5.5¢ per minute. 
Two new Monthly Minute Plans are being introduced to accommodate demand from customers with intermediate usage patterns.  For $99 per month a customer can get 2675 minutes included with an effective rate of 3.7¢ per minute for toll free conference calls.  A higher usage plan that includes 15,121 minutes for $499 per month was also introduced.  This plan provides an effective rate of only 3.3¢ per minute to customers with higher volume usage.  Additional Monthly Minute Plans are available including a $259 plan with rates of 3.5¢ per minute, a $1,499 plan with rates of 3.0¢ per minute and a plan for $2,499 with a rate of 2.5¢ per minute for toll free conference calls.
 “The popularity of our Monthly Minute Plans and feedback from our customers has prompted us to introduce two new plans.” said Jim Miller, President of Zip Conferencing. “These new plans will benefit a large segment of customers who hold between 10 and 50 conference calls per month by offering bigger discounts than our previous plans.”

Conference Call Features

The conference call services are affordable to businesses of all sizes but still come with a number of standard features.   The conference call features include the ability to record the call, mute all participants and control the volume.  These controls are accessible from the Moderator’s telephone or they can log into the conference online and control options through their PC.  Customers also have access to their account via an online system that allows them to add and edit as many moderators as they need, add and edit conferences for these Moderators and access usage reports that they can download.  In addition users are able to customize the way their conference calls work through this interface and control things like the entry and exit tones for participants and whether the conference call ends when the Moderator exits.

Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable audio and web conference call services combining easy to use, convenient features with affordable rates.


Jim Miller, President
Zip Conferencing

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