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Zip Conferencing Adds New Cities to its International Conference Call Service

Zip Conferencing has announced that it has added Moscow and St. Petersburg to its list of cities available for International Conference Call Access.

Whitehouse Station, NJ— February 10, 2010 — Zip Conferencing announced today that it has expanded the number of cities that are available for access for its International Conference Call Service with the addition of Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia.
“We are continuing to expand the number of cities from which international conference call participants can access our calls.” said Jim Miller, President of Zip Conferencing. “Businesses are much more likely to have international participants today than ever before on a conference call and we are focused on making international access easier and more available for our customers.  The Globalization of businesses has made it imperative that we continue to improve the ways the availability of our Conference Call Services.”

International Conference Call Services
Zip Conferencing offers international access to its conference calls in the United States by providing local phone numbers in over 40 cities around the world and Toll Free numbers in over 30 countries.  International participants can access a conference call in the United States by dialing a local number in the United States, a local number in one of the available cities around the world or by dialing one of the International Toll Free numbers. Zip Conferencing offers three different types of international access for the convenience of its customers.  Any participant anywhere in the world can access the local number here in the United States.  If a participant is local to one of the cities available for international access they can also dial in using that number.  If they are not local to one of these cities the international participants can dial into the conference call using an international toll free access number. More Info

International Conference Call Rates
The cost of international access for the host of the conference call depends on the type of access.  The least expensive way to access the conference call for the host is to have the international participant dial a local number in the United States, but the international participant has to pay long distance charges to call into the conference call.  In this case the host would pay the same as any other participant on the conference call.  The next best option, from a cost perspective for the host, is to have the international participant use an access number in an international city where they are located.  The international participant dials a local number in their city which avoids the long distance charges for them.  The cost of this access varies depending on the city, but in some cases it costs the same as access within the United States.  International toll free access is the most convenient for the participant, but is the most expensive way to access the conference call for the host.  If you want to provide a convenient, no cost way for your international participants to join your conference call this is the best option. International Conference Call Rates

Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable audio and web conference call services combining easy to use, convenient features with affordable rates.


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