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Wisconsin Conference Calls with Zip Conferencing put You in Control

You can control just about anything yourself these days through internet access so why not your Wisconsin conference calls? Wouldn't it be nice if you could customize your conference calls with the features you like? And how about if you could control and customize your conference calls without having to wait in queue to speak to an agent? Zip Conferencing gives you full access to your account and conferences through an easy to use online account management tool set. From within your account you can do a number of things including the following.

Access Invoice Detail - When you log into your online account for conference calls you can access all of the invoice detail in your account. Need a copy of an old invoice? Not a problem just log in and it is there.

Customize Conference Options - You have access to a number of conference options for your conference calls such as the entry and exit tones that play in the call when someone joins or exits the meeting. You can just have the tones sound on entry, exit or not at all. You can also have the participants record their names and have those play into the call as well.

Add Users - You can add as many users to your account as you like. That way if more than one person in your company is running a conference call at the same time they will not overlap.

Add/Edit Conferences - You can also add as many conferences into your account as you like. You may want to have a separate conference call for every project so you can track activity. Or for security purposes you may want to delete old conferences so people cannot access them.


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