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West Virginia Conference Calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing

Zip Conferencing understands how important your West Virginia conference calls are to your business. And we know there is no substitute for providing a consistently available and high quality service. And we are willing to back up our service with a good as the last call policy. We truly believe we are only as good as our last conference call so we strive to make every call a positive experience. That is why we do not have any contracts for you to sign. We believe you will understand over the long term that we can continue to provide a service worthy of your business and you will stay with us not because you have to but because you want to. If you look at other conferencing providers you may want to see if they too have taken these steps to insure the reliability and quality of their conference calls.

Back Up Conferencing Equipment - Providing a bullet proof network for your conference calls is no easy task nor is it inexpensive. That is why many conferencing providers do not take the step to have back up conferencing equipment on site in case of an emergency. Conferencing equipment is susceptible to outages just like any other piece of technology though and that is why we have equipment powered up and standing by to take over in case of an outage on the primary piece of equipment. Having back up equipment is expensive but it insure that we do not have a lengthy outage of any kind.

Redundant Telecommunications Carriers - What happens to your conference calls if someone mistakenly digs up a telecommunications circuit responsible for delivering you and your participants to the conferencing equipment. Although rare, a major outage like this can happen by mistake when construction crews dig up a telecommunications line by mistake. We have a second long distance carrier connected to our equipment in case of an outage with our primary provider. This can mean the difference between a lengthy outage and no outage at all.

Back Up Power - Without power none of our equipment will work. So we have put in place batteries and generators that can power our operations indefinitely. Our company can stay in operation through the toughest circumstances. As a New Jersey company we know this first hand when we lived through Hurricane Sandy and our customers did not experience a single outage throughout the entire time.

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