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July 2010


What's New

Enjoy the Summer! - With the arrival of summer, many people take time off to vacation and be with their families while the kids are off from school. So it is natural that many business activities slow down a little during the summer months. And that certainly includes conference calling. But conference calls can also help you cover some of those business activities while you are off enjoying yourself. Always better to take a conference call instead of having to go into the office to attend a meeting. Take advantage of our technology to help you stay away from the office and enjoy your summer!

USF Charge reduced to 13.6% - The Universal Service Fund (USF) fee that we collect, like all conference call service companies, changes on a quarterly basis based on guidance from the FCC. The amount charged for the third quarter of 2010 will be 13.6% which is down from the 15.3% which was being charged in the second quarter 2010. You can read more about the USF by going to the agency site which administrates the fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company. www.usac.org

Did You Know?

You can add as many Moderators to your account as you need?

That's right, if you are the adminstrator on the account you can provide everyone in your company with conference call information. There is no cost to create Moderators in your account so you can create as many as you need. All of the usage from these Moderators appears on the same bill. If you are on a Monthly Minute Plan all of the usage goes to satisfy the minutes in your plan. So get everyone in your company on board and get further discounts with a larger Monthly Minute Plan.

For more details on Monthly Minute Plan Pricing click here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I add Web Conferencing to my account?

Even if you didn't sign up for Web Conferencing on your account originally you can still add it to your account at any time. And you can still get 30 days to try the service for free. There is no better time than now to start enjoying the ability to incorporate images along with the audio on your conference calls. Try Web Conferencing for the next 30 days free! Simply call and speak to a sales representative today and they will enable the Web Conferencing service on your account. If for some reason you decide not to keep the service simply call back within 30 days and there will be no charges on your account! Call 866-704-2451 and press 1 to activate web conferencing on your account.

For more details on Web Conferencing click here.


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