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Our Web Conferencing Solution is Easy to Use

Zip Conferencing has designed a web conferencing solution that is powerful but also very easy to use. Anyone can be up hosting a web conference with our solution in minutes.

If you can use a PC, you can do a web conference. This was not always the case, but Zip Conferencing has made our web conferencing service easy to use. When the first web conferencing services were introduced there were downloads and PC settings to worry about just to get the web conference started.  Today, however, starting a web conference is just a few clicks away.  Zip Conferencing's solution does not require any software download for you or your participants as we simply use the software that is already on your computer.  And when the web conferencing is combined with our audio conferencing service you have a powerful platform on which to hold your distance meetings.  This makes it very simple to hold a remote meeting with a web conference and an audio conference call. The audio conference portion of the web conference is fully integrated into the meeting so you can see the participants and control a number of function from within the web conference.

To conduct a web conference as the Moderator all you have to do is open a browser and log into your web conferencing account. From there you start a meeting by clicking on a start button and then click on Share your Desktop from within the web conference itself.  The participants on the web conference now see whatever is on your PC.  So to do a web conference presentation you simply need to be able to pull up your Power Point presentation, spreadsheet or whatever is part of your presentation and the audience will see it while you speak to them on the conference call. Our web conferencing service really is that easy.

Everyone knows that a presentation that has visual elements is more impactful than just a conference call where you only listen to the presenter. It helps keep participants engaged in the meeting and the information is retained more than if there is no visual element. So, a web conference is always better than just a conference call. And in some cases you may need to share materials where without a web conference the only way to hold the meeting would be via an in person meeting.  And I am sure you understand that using a web conferencing service saves time, money and increases your productivity.  So, if there is any way to do the meeting using a web conference it is preferable to an in person meeting. And with Zip Conferencing it is REALLY easy to do!  So what are you waiting for?  Try our web conferencing solution today!


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