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Web Conferencing Software or a Web Conferencing Service?

When web conferencing first started the way you would hold a meeting is using web conferencing software. All of the PCs that you wanted to have a web conference with had to have software installed on them in order for you to have a meeting. Understandably this was not the most convenient process to go through to have a web conference and eventually the software gave way to mostly web conferencing services. But there are still web conferencing software companies out there. Should you consider using software?

Using software is like buying your own conference call bridge to conduct your conference calls. The biggest incentive you could have for buying conferencing software would be to save money. But when you examine all of the costs of buying software it is not really a bargain.

  • Cost of the Software - First there is the cost of the software itself. This can range from a pretty low cost to thousands of dollars. With Zip Conferencing's web conferencing service you do not need any software. The service works on the software already loaded on your PC.
  • Cost of Maintenance - Like any piece of software you will need to keep the software up to date and that means there will be annual maintenance costs. This is necessary because the web software interacts with other programs that are constantly changing. If the software is not updated it will stop working properly with other programs.
  • Personnel Cost - If you put software on your network or PCs someone is going to have to administrate the software for your company. So you will need to have someone in your company, who you pay for their time, spend time configuring and maintaining the software.

When you use Zip Conferencing's web conferencing service there is no software to upload for you or your participants, ever. The software is constantly being upgraded to remain compatible with PCs and MAC computers and all of the programs it interacts with. And the cost of web conferencing service with Zip Conferencing is so affordable any business can afford to hold sophisticated online meetings.


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