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Web Conferencing Tool Bar


AppShare Button AppShare

The AppShare feature allows you to demonstrate and share software applications or your entire desktop from your computer during a live conference.

ContentButton Content Library

The Content Library provides access to any presentations or files that you have uploaded to your Conferencing Hub prior to joining a meeting.

Whiteboard Button Whiteboard

A whiteboard is like a blank slide that you can draw or write on using the provided annotation tools.

Q&A Button Q&A

Q&A (Question and Answer) allows the attendees to ask questions of the presenters during the conference. The Q&A button appears in the live conference toolbar for both attendees and presenters.

Polling Button Polling

Polling questions allow you to get instant feedback from your participants during a conference. You can either use the Polling questions you have created prior to the conference, or you can create questions while the conference is running. Once you ask a polling question during the Live Conference, it can no longer be edited in your hub's Content Library. This ensures the data integrity of reports and conference data that show polling results.

Record Button Record

The Recording Options window allows you record a Web and Audio conference, an Audio Only conference or a Web Only conference.

Video Button Video

The Video feature allows you to stream live video to your attendees. You must have a Web camera installed and attached to your computer.


The audio portion of your conference can be locked at any time to prevent additional participants from joining the conference.

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