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What should you look for in a Web Conferencing Company?

If you are looking for a web conferencing service you are really looking for a web conferencing company. Because when you sign up for a service you have to deal with the company behind the service. So what should you look for in a web conferencing company?

  • Redundant systems - You want to make sure that the service is there when you need it so make sure the company has a back up plan in case the server with the service on it has an issue. The company should have a back up server ready to take over if there is an issue. Zip Conferencing has fully redundant back up servers in place in case of emergency.
  • Power Back Up - Does the company have a generator and battery back up system in place in case of a power outage? Without this they will be out of service if their facility loses power. Zip Conferencing has full generator and battery back up for all systems.
  • Free Trial - Does the company offer a free trial? You should have an opportunity to test the service out before you make a commitment. Zip Conferencing has a 30 day free trial so you can evaluate the web conferencing service for yourself. We also have no contracts so you can cancel your service at any time without penalty.
  • Audio Conferencing - You may not think this has anything to do with the web conferencing service, but you should make sure the company offers good pricing and options for audio conferencing. You will ultimately have a need to have three or more people on a web conferencing call and so you need audio conferencing. Make sure the audio service is integrated with the web conferencing service. Choose a company that has attractive pricing for the audio conferencing service or you will end up paying a lot more for your web conferencing service. Zip Conferencing has a fully integrated audio service with attractive toll free conference call rates.
  • Features - Any web conferencing company has a web conferencing service with features, but are they the features you want and need in a service? Compare features of any company you may consider and you may be surprised at what you see. The best known brands have fewer features and cost more than Zip Conferencing.
  • Support - Unless you are the type of person that likes to figure out things for themselves you are going to need support at some point from your conferencing company. You will need to get familiar with any web conferencing service you select and you will have questions. And if you or your participants have any questions or problems when they go to join your meeting they will need support from someone to help them get on the service. Zip Conferencing has 24/7 support you can call and also operators who can join your conference call to assist with any questions.

If you examine all of these points with any web conferencing company you will see that Zip Conferencing offers an unbeatable combination of quality, reliability and price.

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