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History of Web Conference Software

The ability to do a web conference has only been around since 1995 or so and back then you needed web conference software installed on your PC in order to conduct a web conference. In fact, your participants also needed the same software installed on their PC as well. Web Conference software was how the service was provided. There were not any service bureaus providing the service and the only way you could do a web conference was to buy software and install it on the PCs you wanted to conduct a web conference with. Needless to say it was very cumbersome and nearly impossible to invite a participant as they needed the software on their PC or they could not attend your web conference.

No Web Conference Software Needed

Today, there is no software needed to conduct a web conference. The Zip Conferencing web conference service is done without the need for any additional software or downloads unlike some other web conferencing companies. Without the need to download any software you can make it easier on yourself and your participants.

No Web Conference Software - The Internet has made it such that the need for software has pretty much disappeared. The only time you need web conference software is when you use an in house solution for web conferencing. In those cases you sometimes need to install software in the computers that will use web conferencing. But in most cases, even with an in house solution the software is accessible over the Internet or across the company network as a download. With Zip Conferencing there is no software needed to use our web conferencing service.

No Downloads - Unlike other web conferencing service providers you do not need any software and you don't need to download any application to use the Zip Conferencing web conference service. That is because the web conferencing service works on the software that is already on your computer. Our web conferencing service uses Flash and other software that most people have on their computer. Today just about everyone uses Flash if they use the Internet at all. That has made this software universally available. If there is someone that is trying to attend or present on your web conference that does not have Flash on their computer they can download the software for Free. The link to download this software is also available from our site. There is also a System Test available that participants can go through that will evaluate their computer and correct any issues that may exist within their system.



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