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A Web Call is Easy to Use

A web call may look a little complicated the first time you attend a web conference but if you try a Zip Conferencing web conference yourself you will see that it is really easy to use. We understand that the last thing people need is a new program to learn how to use. So we designed our web conference service to be intuitive and easy to use for anyone.

A Web Call is Easy for you and your Participants

If you have never even been on a web conference before you can quickly and easily learn how to use the Zip Conferencing web conference. From start to finish our service is easy to use. When you sign up for our service you will gain immediate access to your call and can schedule a conference or start one right away. Here are some the ways in which Zip Conferencing has made it easy to use our service.

Instant Start - Starting your call could not be any easier. All you have to do to start a web call is log into your account online and hit the Start button on the Home Page. The system will instantly start a meeting with you as Moderator. If you have an always ready web conference and your participants have the link they can also join the call right away. You and your participants can even have our system call your telephone from within the call. Or you can invite participants from within the meeting and they will receive an email from our system with all the information they need to attend the call.

Scheduling - Scheduling a web call is very easy. After you log into your account online you simply hit the schedule button on the Home page. Then you just need to fill in the time and date of your call. The system will take care of the rest. The system will send out an invitation to you and your participants that includes a link to join the call. At the scheduled date and time your web call will be available and you and your participants can join it up to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.

Invitations - You can invite participants and other moderators to your meeting in one of two ways. First, when you schedule your call you can include the emails of your moderators and participants in the scheduling process. The system will send out an email to everyone that includes a link to join the call and the dial in information for the audio as well. Or, you can invite participants from within the call. That way you can have people join the call even after you have started the meeting if you like.

Starting your Web Call - A webinar is started when the Moderator joins the call. Participants will be in a waiting area until this happens so that the Moderator controls what the participants see at the beginning of the conference.

Ending your Meeting - You can end your call at any time by simply exiting the meeting. The system will verify with you that you want to end the call. When the Moderator exits the web conference the system will also ask you if you want to end the call or allow the participants to continue with the meeting.

Reporting - When the call is over you can easily view usage information for the call and collect information about your participants. The system allows you to require information to join the web coall and will provide that information to you if you chose to utilize this feature.





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