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September 2009


What's New

A New Account Manager Joins Zip - Zip Conferencing is happy to announce the addition of Monireh Vannoy as Account Manager to the sales team. Monireh comes to Zip Conferencing with over 10 years experience in helping customers with their teleconferencing needs. If you have the opportunity to speak to Monireh you will quickly realize that she is totally customer focused and willing to help with anything. She has joined a team of conference call professionals ready to assist you with any questions you might have regarding our audio or web conferencing services. Welcome Monireh!

Billing System Update - The new billing system implementation continues to make steady progress. We are still challenged with some of the functionality on the web site, but hope to restore full functionality soon. If you need any information that is not available on the web site simply fill out a Support Contact Form and a representative will be glad to assist you. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the new system.

You can find the Support Contact Form by clicking here.

Did You Know?

You can share video while on a web conference?

That's right, you can easily share a video feed with our web conferencing service. All you need is a camera installed on your PC and you can share your image with the participants on a web conference. You can even allow the participants to share their images on the conference as well. This function is part of the web conferencing service and does not cost anything extra.

More detail on this function can be found by clicking here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I share applications or my Desktop from within a web conference?

Yes. You can share any application you have open on your PC while in a web conference. Simply click on the AppShare button and then select the application that you have open that you would like to share with your participants. To share your entire desktop you would simply select your desktop as the application you would like to share and your entire desktop will be visible by your participants. You can even allow the participants to control your PC if you desire.

For more details on Web Conferencing click here.

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