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Our Web Call is Full of Features

A conference call is convenient, saves time and money and can help you be more productive no matter what features it offers. But wouldn't you want to use a service that provides the kind of convenient features that will make it easier for you? Zip Conferencing has developed a service that has more features than anyone else and is still easy to use. Compare our features to anyone and you will see that we offer the most feature packed service on the market.

Feature Comparison

Features are what differentiate Zip Conferencing from the competition. If you compare our services with anyone else that is out there you will quickly discover that no one offers you as much for your money as Zip Conferencing.


Integrated Audio - Unlike other competitors we offer seamless audio integration with our calls. Real toll free calling is built right into our web based call.

Number of Participants - Most providers offer only a small number of participants on each meeting. With Zip Conferencing you can have as many as 125 participants on each call.

Application Sharing - You can share an application or your entire desktop with our web based call. All of the participants will see whatever is on your PC during the call.

Video Integration - If you have a PC camera you can even share your video on your meeting. And you participants can also share their video feed as well. Multiple people can be on video at the same time with our service.

Q&A, Polling - You can conduct real time Q&A and polling with your participants on our calls. You will get real time results and even be able to share those results with the audience during your call.

Public Portal - With Zip Conferencing you can have your participants join your meeting through a public portal that is unique to you. That way you can simply provide a URL and date and time to your participants to join your call.

Outlook Integration - Invitations to your call include integration with Microsoft Outlook that provides a meeting reminder for your participants on their calendar.

Attendee file download - You can provide meeting notes and take a ways for your participants on our call. The participants simply download the files eliminating the need to do a separate distribution.

Private Meetings - You can designate your meeting as private so that is does not appear on your public portal and can only be accessed by participants that have the meeting information.

Post-Meeting Thank You - You can design your own post-meeting thank you for your participants so that they receive this customized thank you after your call.

Unique URL - You are given your own unique URL for your calls. This allows you to invite participants to your own web page to attend your meeting and can also be linked form your own web site if you wish to make it appear integrated with your site.




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