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Washington Conference Calls have more features and options with Zip Conferencing

All conference calls are not built the same. Many conferencing providers give you one flavor of conference calls to all their customers. And some cut rate services strip away features in an effort to reduce cost so they can keep their rates low. With Zip Conferencing we not only offer options with your Washington conference calls, we give you the ability to control the options yourself. What you end up with is a service that is versatile and convenient. You decide how you want your conference calls to run and you decide how and when those changes are made. Because you deserve more than just a vanilla conference call. You deserve the kind of conference call you want without compromise. Here are just some of the conference call options you can control as a customer of Zip Conferencing.

Music on Hold - If you are the person hosting your conference calls you may want to decide when participants can join your meeting and whether they should be able to speak together before you get on the call. With Music on Hold you can have the participants listen to music until the Host joins the meeting. Otherwise when participants join the call they can speak to each other. If you don't want your audience distracted before you get on the call add Music on Hold.

Post Conference Reports - Ever wonder who was on your conference calls and how long they stayed on? With post conference reporting you can receive an email that details your conference for you. You will see how many participants were on the call, when they joined and when they left. You will also see the phone number they dialed in from.

Entry/Exit Tones - Some people love having a tone signaling when someone joins or exits their meeting but others hate the sound. You can decide whether to have these tones sound on entry, exit or not at all. You can even have a participants name used as the tone that they recorded when they entered the call.

PIN numbers - Want extra security? You can assign PIN numbers to your participants so you will know exactly who is on the call. Even if someone gets a hold of your pass codes for the conference call they will not be able to join without a valid PIN number.

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