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Conference calls have been around for a long time but many people are not aware of all of the features available that can bring people together just like they are in the same room. A plain old conference call done with a quality service like Zip Conferencing can provide a telephone connection that allows you to speak at the same time as the other participants with all of the clarity of being in the same room. But add in a web conference and suddenly your Washington DC conference call has all the same elements as a conference room with the donuts and coffee. Here are a few of the features you may not have been aware of that are available on a conference call today.

Sub Conferences - Even your plain old phone conferences can provide ways to enhance your meetings like sub conferences. This feature allows you to have a separate meeting with some of your participants during a conference call. Using commands on your phone you can create a sub conference and have certain participants join you. That way if you need to have private discussion or a break out during your meeting you can do it without ending the entire meeting.

Screen Sharing - A web conference on your conference calls gives you all the tools of a conference room including the ability to share what is on your PC. Virtually anything that you can display on your PC can be shared with your participants. Whether you are doing a presentation or collaborating on a document you can have all of the participants look at the same thing you are seeing during the meeting.

Polling - One of the challenges of remote meetings is engaging your audience and keeping their attention. A good way to keep your audience engaged is to throw in a poll during your presentation. Our web conferencing service has a polling feature built in that allows you to conduct polls and share the results with your audience.

Video - Even face time is available on your conference calls. You can use your PC's built in camera to provide a video stream of you during the meeting. You can also have your audience share their image as well and our system will track who is talking and indicate it in the meeting.


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