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September 2010


What's New

Back to School Time - Summer is unofficially over and the kids have returned to school. And work has kicked back into gear for most people. And these days we are all trying to figure out how to get more done in less time with fewer resources. If you are reading this you already use Zip Conferencing's conference calls but maybe you haven't tried our web conferencing service. You can sit at your desk and hold a productive meeting with people in remote locations with ease. Our Web Conferencing service allows you to share your desktop with others, conduct a presentation and even provide distance learning to others.

For more information on the Web Conferencing Free Trial call Sales at 866-704-2451 and press 1.

Additional Capacity Available - You can now have as many as 300 participants on a single conference call! In case you have a need for a large conference we now have the capacity to host a conference call with as many as 300 participants. To assist you when you are getting ready for a call of this size it is best to speak to a sales representative to make sure the call is configured for success. Just call 866-704-2451 and press 1 to discuss your needs prior to your event.

Did You Know?

You can control the volume of the conference and your line's volume?

That's right, you can control the volume of the conference coming into your telephone connection by pressing *4 to increase the volume and *7 to decrease the volume. This is in addition to any volume controls you may have on your telephone. In addition you can also control the volume of your line in the conference call. If people are having trouble hearing your connection you can press *5 to increase the volume of your line and if your line is too loud you can press *8 to decrease the volume. Our system works to automatically level the sound but these controls allow you to adjust the volume if necessary to improve the fidelity of your call.

For more details on Host Controls click here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I get assistance while I am on a conference call?

Zip Conferencing provides many ways for you to get assistance with your conference call needs including the ability to get help while on a call. If you are on a conference call and need assistance you can press *0 on your telephone and an operator will join the conference call and help you with whatever you need. This is especially convenient if there is noise on the call. The operator has the ability to determine where the noise is coming from and help eliminate it if possible.

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