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Vermont Conference Calls have more Options with Zip Conferencing

If you have done Vermont conference calls you probably have done the basic dial in and pass code process and figured that was all there was to it. And for the conference call itself it does not need to be more complicated than that. And if that is all you need Zip Conferencing still offers a better experience than other providers because your account management and billing process is still easier. But more likely you simply did not know what you can do with your conference calls. Here are just some of the options you have available to you as a customer of Zip Conferencing.

Entry/Exit Tones - With Zip Conferencing you can customize your conference call experience by controlling a number of conference options including the entry and exit tones in your conference. If you don't like the tone playing when a participant joins your meeting you can turn it off and the same goes for the exit tone. So you can have one, the other or none. Or you can have the participants record their names and have that play into the call.

Music on Hold - As a standard participants can speak to each other as soon as they join the meeting. But you may not want participants talking before you get on your conference call so you can set the system to play music on hold. That way the participants will listen to music until you join the meeting. You can also have the system disconnect all participants at the end of the call when you leave if you don't want them speaking after you have left.

Sub-Conferences - If you are in a discussion with a group but would like to have a small conference with a few of the participants you can set up a sub-conference. That way you can have a private discussion outside the entire meeting and then rejoin the conference call when you are done.

Recordings - It is easy to record your Vermont conference calls. And then when you are done you can access the recording by dialing into it or downloading a copy. So if someone misses your meeting they can simply dial in and listen to it at their convenience.


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