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Utah Conference Calls are Easy to Use with Zip Conferencing

Integrating Utah conference calls into your business processes will certainly save you time and money. But doing your conference calls with Zip Conferencing will make your life easier through our unique combination of services, features and account access. Here are some of the things that make conferencing easier with Zip Conferencing.

Reservationless Conferencing - For your conference calls themselves, our reservationless conferencing service could not be easier. When you sign up for the service you get a set of conferencing information that you can use whenever you want to. The system can be accessed 24/7 so you simply need to tell your participants when you want to hold your meeting and provide them with the dial in number and pass code. At the time of the call you simply call the system and enter the pass code to join the meeting.

Online Account Management - With Zip Conferencing you have full control over your conference calls. You can add as many users to your account as you like and as many conferences. You can customize your meetings with conference option controls like the entry and exit tones. You can see reports of your usage and you can even see your audio conference while you are on the phone through your PC.

Full Time Support - And with Zip Conferencing you get full time support around the clock with representatives that can assist you every step of the way. You can even get assistance while on your conference call by signaling to have an operator join the call.

Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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