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November 2010


What's New

Happy Thanksgiving! - Hard to believe, but the holidays are here again. In just a couple of weeks we will celebrate Thanksgiving and the Holiday clock will start ticking. It is a time of year to get together with family and friends and celebrate. And even though some of your family and friends may be out of town for the holidays you can still get together as a group for the holidays with an audio or web conference. Sure you can reach out on a phone, but why not get everyone together at the same time and share the holiday spirit? More and more people are realizing that conferencing can help enrich their personal lives as well. So this holiday season don't forget you can get everyone together to share in the spirit!

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New Web Conferencing Platform Coming Soon! - Speaking of Holidays, like Santa's elves, the staff here at Zip Conferencing has been hard at work on a present for all of our current and future customers, a new Web Conferencing platform. The New Platform will sport an easier to use interface, enhanced user compatibility and even greater reliability. Additional enhancements are coming as well but we will wait until we open the package to reveal all the secrets! Watch for more information on the launch of the new Web Conferencing platform soon!

Did You Know?

You can see what usage you have during the month?

That's right, from within your conferencing Hub you can look at each completed conference and see the usage detail from that conference call. The reports include the ability to see the number the participant dialed in from as well as their individual connect and disconnect times. You can decide the time frame you want to run the report from so that you can see an individual conference call, days, weeks or months of usage. You can even download the detail into Excel for your own use.

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FAQ of the Month

Is there software I have to install to use Web Conferencing?

Unlike other Web Conferencing services, Zip Conferencing does not require you to download software in order to use our Web Conferencing services. Virtually any computer can access our service as we utilize software that is already installed on your computer to facilitate our Web Conferences. That includes Apple computer users as well as regular PC users.

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