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Toll Free Conference Calling is better than Free

There are a number of conference call service companies that offer free conference calls so why would anyone pay for a conference call if you can get them free? What you don't know is how much that "free" conference call is really costing you and your participants. Toll free conference calling is really better than a free conference call. Toll free conference calling means there are no hidden charges for you or your participants.

Toll Free Conference Calling has More for Less

Toll free is definitely the best way to do a conference call. No matter how you look at it toll free conference calls are going to give you more for your money. There was a time when a free conference call may have been better than a toll free conference call but with Zip Conferencing that is no longer the case. There are a number of things to consider when looking at toll free versus free conference calls.

  • Cost - The first thing is cost. Yes, cost. A "free" conference call can end up costing you and your participants more than toll free conference calls. A free conference call service gives you a lcoal number to dial into which is hardly ever local to you or your participants. So, you and your participants have to dial long distance to connect to the conference call. And whether you are dialing in from your business, home or cell phone you are paying something for that connection. Even a cell phone you are using up minutes. And your participants are in the same boat. Do you want to cost your participants to have to dial into your conference call? And with the low rates of Zip Conferencing you can have toll free for not a lot of money and in most cases less than the cost of the long distance call it takes to connect to a free conference call.
  • Features - Toll free conference calls with Zip offer many more features than free conference calls. Within the call itself you can mute participants, control volume and even record the conference call just to name a few. And with our online management system you can customize the conference call to act the way you want it to. You can control things like the tones that play when people join the conference call, whether your participants listen to music on hold and even record a customized greeting for your participants.
  • Reliability - Toll free conference calls are going to be more reliable than a free conference call. Let's face it, it takes money to set up all of the back up power and systems that we have here at Zip Conferencing. If we relied on free conference calling for our revenue we would not be able to afford all of the extra equipment and steps we have taken to ensure that your conference call will be there when you need it to be. We can also afford to have the extra capacity to make sure you can get on the conference call unlike many free conference call companies.
  • Service - Toll free conference calling also gives us the ability to give you better service than a free conference call company. At Zip Conferencing you can get one of our representatives on the telephone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week 365 days a year. There is always someone here to assist you. Even when you are on your conference call you are not alone. Simply press *0 on your telephone and an operator will join your conference call to help you.


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