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Tennessee conference calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing

Like most companies you have probably come to rely on your Tennessee conference calls as an integral part of your business. And if you have ever had any issues with your conferencing services provider than you know how important it is that the conference call works when you need it. Because just like the light bulbs in your conference room you simply expect it to work and when they don't it can be very disruptive. Zip Conferencing has taken every step possible to avoid outages of any kind to our service because we rely on technology to deliver our services and technology is susceptible to issues. Many other conferencing services providers have not taken all of the steps we have taken because it can be costly to do some of the things we have done. Here is a sample of how we have insured that your conference call will be there when you need it.

Back Up Power - The one thing we cannot do without is power. If there is a power outage none of our equipment can operate. So we have installed battery and generator back up systems that can power our business without interruption in the event of a power outage. Thanks to the generator systems we can operate indefinitely without commercial power.

Back Up Equipment - Another costly step we have taken is to install back up equipment that is ready in the event our conferencing equipment experiences an issue. The back up equipment is powered up and connected to our network so that we can immediately deploy it and avoid any lengthy outage to our customers.

Back Up Network - We also rely on the telecommunications network to allow people to dial into our equipment. Since we are dependent on long distance carriers to supply that transport we have taken the unusual step of having a redundant carrier in place. In the event our primary carrier has a major outage we can switch to the other provider to avoid any lengthy outage.

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