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July 2012


What's New


USF Charge decreased to 15.7% - The Universal Service Fund (USF) fee that we collect, like all conference call service companies, changes on a quarterly basis based on guidance from the FCC. The amount charged for the 3rd quarter of 2012 will be 15.7% which is down from the 17.4% which was being charged in the 2nd quarter 2012. You can read more about the USF by going to the agency site which administrates the fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company. www.usac.org

Did You Know?


You can get support help while you are on a conference call?

Press *0 on your telephone keypad to reach live customer support at any time during your meeting.

Should you need anything – someone's on hold music is playing in your conference or there's static on the line – press *0 and the operator will take care of it for you right away.

If the conference encounters a technical issue anyone attending the call can press *0 for immediate support. When you press *0 you will be placed into a private sub-conference with the operator. The other attendees will remain in the main conference while the operator quickly troubleshoots the issue and then will place your line back into the main conference to continue the meeting.

Note: *0 is a feature that can be used by anyone attending the conference call that's having a technical issue.

Note: There is no cost associated with utilizing *0 for operator assistance.


FAQ of the Month


How many people can I have on a conference call at one time?

With Zip Conferencing you can have up to 300 participants on a conference call at one time.

If you plan on having a large call you may want to change some of the options to ensure a successful call.  Music on hold and muting all participants during your presentation will reduce the noise into the call.  These and other options can be controlled through your conferencing hub.

For more information on large calls click here http://www.zipconferencing.com/kb/How-many-people-can-I-have-on-an-Audio-Conference-Call_1.html

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