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South Carolina Conference Calls can be customized with Zip Conferencing

You are probably accustomed to getting your South Carolina conference calls whatever way your conferencing provider gives them to you. This may mean that the annoying tone that plays every time someone joins your call is just something you put up with assuming it is just the way it is. But with Zip Conferencing we have given our customers the ability to customize their conference call experience. Our online account management tools allow you to access a number of options that determine how your conference call behaves. So the conferencing experience for you is personalized. And if you have multiple users in your company, each user can customize their own experience. So you may hate those tones but someone else in the company may like them and choose to keep them. Here are a few of the options you can control through your online account access.

Entry/Exit Tones - Don't like the tones that play across your conference call when someone joins the meeting? You can turn these off and just have a tone play when someone exits the call or turn them both off. You can also have the participants name play when they enter or exit the conference call if you like.

Music on Hold - Don't want your participants speaking before you join the conference call? You can have your participants listen to music on hold until the host of the call joins the meeting. You can also have the conference disconnect all participants when you leave the call.

Post Conference Reporting - Also wonder how many people were on your conference calls? You can receive a post conference report via email that show all the details of the meeting including the number of participants, how long they were on the call and even the number they dialed in from.

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