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Rhode Island Calls can be High Quality and Inexpensive with Zip Conferencing

You may think that you need to trade quality for price for your Rhode Island conference calls but with Zip Conferencing you can have both. Our service was built on a solid network and designed to take advantage of the technologies available to automate as many processes as possible which keeps our costs down. And since our costs are lower than other service providers we can pass along the savings to you. And with Zip Conferencing you will find that you also don't give up anything as far as service and features are concerned. Here are some of the ways we insure you get the highest quality service available.

Back Up Systems - Our services are built on a network designed to withstand outages and disasters. All of our equipment is backed up with battery and generator back up systems. We maintain back up equipment on site and have redundant long distance carrier connections so whenever you need to do a call we will be there for you.

Direct Connections - To make sure that you get the best quality during your conference we have direct connections to the long distance telephone networks. This means there is nothing between you and the major phone networks that could interfere with the quality of your call.

Latest Equipment - We purchase and maintain the latest equipment. This means that the quality of the call is the best that is available and you also will get the most features. The reliability of the new equipment is also improved over the older equipment so the chance for an outage is far less than our competitors.



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