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Residential Conference Calls are on the Rise

Conference calls are not just for business. Residential conference calls are on the rise. And it is no wonder. Conference calls in general have enjoyed tremendous growth in the past 10 years and at this point just about everyone has been on a conference call. Mostly for business reasons. But people who have been on a business conference call have realized the benefits and are applying the same logic to the use for residential conference calls. There are a number of common reasons to do conference calls. Some of those are explored here.

  • Family Reunion - Conference calls are great if you are planning a family reunion. Whether you and the other members of your family are local or spread around the world you will see benefits from using conference calls to plan your event. You will save the cost and time of travel to meet with your family members at the least. In many cases there is not the opportunity to meet in person to simply plan the event, but you can do conference calls easily and affordably with Zip Conferencing's conference call service.
  • Family Emergency - In the event of a family emergency sometime there is not any time to even think about getting together in person to discuss the emergency with other family members. Residential conference calls allow you to get together with family members quickly and affordably. And by doing a conference call you insure that all of the members of the family get the same story at the same time avoiding any communication issues regarding the emergency.
  • Weddings - A family wedding is a great time for families to get together but like a reunion the planning of the event can be difficult if members of the family are spread out over great distances. Conference calls allow you to plan the vent and keep everyone on the same page. Many issues between bride and groom families can be avoided if everyone is talking at the same time about issues as well.
  • Births - No better time to hold conference calls than when a new family member arrives. With a conference call everyone can join together in the joyous occasion. Baby pictures and stories can be shared with everyone at the same time.
  • Funerals - Conference calls can also help a family grieve together. There are a number of logistical events surrounding a funeral that are more easily accomplished with a conference call. If a family member can not make it to the funeral you can even include them in the proceedings by having them attend via conference calls.

Residential conference calls are even more possible now that a quality conference call is also affordable with Zip Conferencing.

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