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August 2009


What's New

Non-Contiguous 48 US States Toll Free Surcharges - Our costs for access to our toll free numbers outside the contiguous 48 states has risen and we can no longer afford to subsidize these charges. Starting with the September 16th billing cycle, there will be per minute surcharges for access to our standard toll free numbers from outside the contiguous 48 US states. These surcharges are in addition tot he per minute rate you pay for toll free access but only affect participants accessing the toll free number from these regions.

Region and Surcharge

Canada $.03/min
Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories $.12/min
Caribbean Countries $.20/min

There is no impact to the cost of accessing our toll free numbers from within the US except from Alaska and Hawaii


Billing System Update - The new billing system implementation continues to progress. Some of the functionality on the web site such as update credit card information, view bills and forgot password links continues to be affected during the process. If you need information that is not available on the web site simply fill out a Support Contact Form and a representative will be glad to assist you. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the new system.


You can find the Support Contact Form by clicking here.

Did You Know?

You can hold record a conference call.

That's right, you can easilyrecord any conference call and then access it after the conference call is over, download a recording or get a CD of the call. All you have to do is press *22 as the Moderator on a conference call and follow the prompt. After the call is completed you simply log into your conferencing Hub and select whether you would like a file or a CD. You can also distribute a toll free number to aprticipants to access the recorded call and listen at their leisure.

A full list of the Host Controls is available by clicking here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I change the way participants are announced when they enter and exit a conference call?

Yes. To change these settings, sign into the conferencing Hub and click the My Profile link in the top right of the Home Page. Click the "View/Edit" link associated with the conference call you would like to adjust. The setting can be changed in the Conference Options at the bottom of the screen in the When Participant Enters and When Participant Exits fields. In each field you will see three options:

  • Silent Entry
  • Play Tone
  • Announce Name

Silent Entry - The participants will join the conference call with no announcement at all.

Play Tone - A brief electronic tone will announce the entry or exit of participants.

Announce Name - The participants name is announced on entry or exit.


For more details on this Conference Option click here.

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