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August 2012


What's New


Web Conferencing Updates - The Web Conferencing service has undergone a number of updates to enhance the user experience.

  • Web Conferencing is now available in Dutch.  The display language can be changed from the Join page, rejoin page or the host can change it from the Meeting Settings.
  • The Polling feature has been redesigned to make it easier for hosts to create and manage single question polls.
  • Hosts can now easily build surveys for their participants.
  • Webcam control buttons make it easier to turn your webcam on and off.

Did You Know?


You can record your conference call and download a recording or access it on our systems later?

Press *22 on your telephone keypad to record your conference call for playback. The recording will automatically save when all lines disconnect from the conference or by pressing *22 again to pause or to stop the recording. An email will be sent to you as the host following your conference call with instructions to access your playback including the ability to download it as an mp3, WAV or WMA file format or as a replay to be played back via the telephone.

Note: *22 is only available from the line dialed into the conference with the host code.

Best practices:

Use a headset or the telephone handset instead of a speaker phone to improve the quality of your audio meeting and gain the highest quality audio recording for archiving.Try to make sure that you are in a quiet place where background noise is at a minimum.


FAQ of the Month


Can I customize a greeting for my participants?

With Zip Conferencing you can customize a greeting that your participants hear as they enter the conference call.  You can record any greeting you like and when your participants enter their pass code to enter the conference they will be played the greeting you recorded.  The recording can easily be changed or you can retain the same greeting for that conference call indefinitely.

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