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Toll Free Audio Conference Calls

Our Pay-As-You-Go per minute rate for Toll Free conference calls is the best in the industry. You can Sign up for Free! If you never use the service you will never be charged.

Pay as You Go rate

No Monthly Charges - No Contracts

Just Pay for What You Use


Do at least 2 calls per month? Our Monthly Minute Plans provide substantial discounts starting at only $19.99 per month. At only 515 minutes you only need to do 1 -2 calls per month to take advantage of our most popular plan. And if you sign up for a Monthly Minute Plan your First 60 minutes are FREE! And we never ask you to sign any long term contract so you can change your plan or cancel at anytime.

Toll Free Monthly Minute Plans

  • $2,400/month
  • 100,000 Included Minutes
  • 3.5¢/min after included minutes
  • $1,499/month
  • 50,000 Included Minutes
  • 3.5¢/min after included minutes
  • $499/month
  • 15,121 included minutes
  • 3.5¢/min after included minutes
  • $259/month
  • 7,500 Included Minutes
  • 3.9¢/min after included minutes
  • $99/month
  • 2,675 Included minutes
  • 3.9¢/min after included minutes
  • $19.99/month
  • 515 Included Minutes
  • 3.9¢/min after included minutes

Don't see a plan to fit your needs? Talk to a Representative about our Custom Rate Plans Today!

No Long Term Contracts

Change or Cancel your Plan Month to Month

Not sure which plan is right for you? Use our Monthly Conferencing Minutes Calculator to help you determine the best plan to fit your needs. 

Monthly Conferencing Minutes Calculator Monthly Conferencing Minutes Calculator

All Toll Free Audio Conferencing Rates are Per Minute Per Participant.

Web Conferencing Rates

Our full-featured Web Conferencing service is Easy to Use and has many advantages over other national competitors. Add Web Conferencing to your conference call and you have a powerful and affordable online meeting solution. Compare our rates and features yourself and you will see why Zip Conferencing’s Web Conferencing service is the best value service in America!

If you just want to use it a little

9.9 cents per minute

No Monthly Charges - No Contracts

Just Pay for What You Use


If you want to use it a lot

$29 per month Unlimited Usage


If you want to include Audio

$45 per month Unlimited Web and Audio

Save Over 20%

$425 per year Unlimited Web and Audio


The per Minute rate is per minute per participant and the Monthly and Yearly Rates are per Moderator

Hold unlimited web conferences with up to 125 participants

Fully integrated Audio with Zip Conferencing’s Audio

Presentations, Screen Sharing, Q&A, Polling and Video

Hold as many web conferences as you like for one low rate



Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Zip Conferencing offers Operator Assisted Conference Calls for those special events. You can meet with a few or a few thousand participants at a time and still hold an effective meeting. Our operators will work with you to customize your event. You can have an individualized introduction at the beginning of the meeting and perform interactive meeting elements like a Question and Answer session within the meeting. The dedicated oeprator for your event will be there every step of the way including a pre-conference meeting to go over the details of the meeting with you. Our operator assisted conference calls will let you concentrate on the details of your presentation instead of worrying about the logistics of the call itself.


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There are no monthly charges for the Pay-As-You-Go plan unless you use the service. In months where you use the service there is a $10 invoice minimum for the month. Example - If you only do one conference call in an entire billing cycle with 4 participants for 30 minutes, which is a total of 120 conferencing minutes, the conference call charges equal $5.70 and you would be charged a total of $10 for the month. If your actual conference charges exceed $10 you are only charged the actual amount. A conference call with 5 participants for 60 minutes is 300 minutes of conferencing and would equal $14.40 in charges. If that was your only conference call during that billing cycle, your total charges for the month would be $14.40.

All rates are per minute per participant. What are "conferencing minutes"? Those are the minutes used by you AND your callers during a conference call. Conferencing minutes (which are the standard time measurement used by all conference call providers) are calculated by adding up the total connection minutes for all participants.

Non-Contiguous US Toll Free Access Surcharges - There are surcharges for any participants accessing the toll free access numbers from outside the US. The surcharge is in addition to the per minute rate listed for Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Minute Plans.

Region and Surcharge

Canada - $.03/min
Alaska & Hawaii - $.12/min
Caribbean Countries - $.20/min

Web Conferencing rate is per Moderator per month.

Unlimited Audio conferencing is for US connections only. All Non-Contiguous US Toll Free Access Surcharges and International connection rates apply.

Free Trial and Invoice billing only available with Monthly Plans. 

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