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It is amazing how many different ways you can create a conference call rate. There are many service companies out there and for every company it seems there is a different way to describe rates. With Zip Conferencing the pricing is straight forward and easily explained. But watch out for other service companies and some of the ways they describe their rates. Here are some of the things to watch out for:

  • Local vs. Long Distance - Many service companies display a very low rate for their services. But many times the rate they advertise is a local rate not a toll free rate. What that means is that the access number you dial to get to the meeting is a local number somewhere instead of a toll free number. That means that unless you are local to that access number you and your participants will have to dial a long distance to connect to your call. The hidden charges for this type of pricing will appear on your long distance bill and your participants. Do you really want your customers or prospects to have to dial a long distance number to get on your call?
  • Flat Rate - Some service companies will advertise a flat monthly rate for unlimited calls. Again, if you look closely you will see that these offers are for local connections only. Toll free service is not free so how could anyone offer a toll free connection with unlimited usage on it. The service company would not survive.
  • Free Calls - Free sounds good but it really isn't free. Again, the free service is based on dialing a long distance number to connect to the meeting. This means that you and your participants are paying for the call in the form of long distance charges. These companies will also provide a toll free price but it is more expensive than other options out there including Zip Conferencing. The free conference call is simply a way to get you to their site and then they charge you more for a toll free rate.
  • No Advertised Rate - Some service companies don't even advertise their pricing. What are they hiding? It seems to me if you are making a different price for every customer you are obviously trying to get the highest rate from every customer. Why not just advertise your rates to all customers and let them choose.
  • Less Features - Another way to offer a cheaper rate is to offer a service that has fewer features or a lower quality service in some respects. Maybe they don't offer personal service. Maybe they don't have 24/7 support. Or maybe the service itself is somehow inferior. When you compare pricing make sure to compare the features as well.

With Zip Conferencing you will find that we offer nothing but full featured toll free services backed by the highest quality equipment and superior support.




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