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May 2010


What's New

New Monthly Minute Plans Introduced - Based on feedback from our customers we have introduced new Monthly Minute Plans that address intermediate monthly minute users.

3.7¢ per minute plan - For $99 a month you can purchase 2,675 minutes with an effective per minute rate of 3.7¢ per minute!

3.3¢ per minute plan - For $499 a month you can prepurchase 15,121 minutes with an effective rate of 3.3¢ per minute!

Like any of our plans you can change to any plan at any time and the new rate will take effect the beginning of the next bill cycle. Just call sales if you are interested in changing plans at 866-704-2451 press 1.

For more information on the latest rate plans click here.

Additional Capacity Available - You can now have as many as 300 participants on a single conference call! In case you have a need for a large conference we now have the capacity to host a conference call with as many as 300 participants. To assist you when you are getting ready for a call of this size it is best to speak to a sales representative to make sure the call is configured for success. Just call 866-704-2451 and press 1 to discuss your needs prior to your event.

Did You Know?

You can get information about your call right after your call?

That's right, you can program your call to email you the details of the call immediately after the call is completed. You will receive an email with the participant detail and the amount of time on the call after every conference call. To enable this feature you simply need to log into your conferencing Hub and select the conference call you want this feature on and go to Conference Options. In the Conference Options area check the box that says "Send conference report to" and provide your email address.

For more details on Conference Options click here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I download a usage report to Excel?

The Completed Meetings reports in the conferencing Hub allow you to download the report in csv or Excel format. That way you can take your usage report and manipulate the information in your own spreadsheet if you like. Simply log into the conferencing Hub and go to the Meetings tab and select Completed Meetings. Select the time period you would like to run the report for and hit Display. You can then Export the report to Excel or in csv format or just print the report.

For more details on conference reports click here.


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