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Phone Calls continue to Grow

Conference calls have been around for a long time and especially over the past ten years there have been a number of times when someone has predicted the demise of audio conferencing. Some technology will come along and they thing that everyone is going to stop using phone calls and run to the new technology. Here are some of those technologies and why phone calls still continue to grow.

Video Conferencing - Video conferencing continues to get easier to use and less expensive. They even make a video conferencing device built into a phone so you can talk like the Jetson's to someone else who has the same device. So why doesn't everyone do a video conference? The cost does still remain an issue as conference calls are cheaper. The complexity of a video conference is still more than conference calls. You don't have tot train people on how to use their telephone. But no matter how easy it is a video conference still needs some type of application and device to make it work. And the biggest issue with video conferencing is simply that people are not comfortable in front of a camera. Not everyone would be able to be a newscaster on the morning news. It takes a certain talent to get in front of a camera and make it effortless.

Free Conference Calls - Free conference calls came about and everyone said that phone calls would go away. The fact is that free doesn't really mean free. You still have to pay for the phone call to the access number because toll free access is not free. So when you use a free call service you are still paying, just not the conference company. Also free call companies can not afford the same quality equipment that a company like Zip Conferencing uses to provide the service. The same goes for the network that carries the calls. So if you want high quality, reliable conference calls you need a company like Zip Conferencing.

Conference Calls through your PC - Not everyone has a microphone and headset on their PC. Today just about everyone has a PC that is capable of doing a VOIP call through their PC but just doesn't use their PC as a communication device on a regular basis so it is another application and device to try to learn. And what do you do if you are not sitting in front of your PC when you need to do a call?? With phone calls you can be on any telephone anywhere and connect to your conference call.

Conference calls continue to grow because is remains the easiest, most inexpensive way to communicate with a group of people. Zip Conferencing takes it to another level making our calls the easiest and most inexpensive phone calls you can find.




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