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Pennsylvania Calls are the next best thing to being there with Zip Conferencing

If you can't be there in person a call with Zip Conferencing can give you all the tools you need to get the job done right at your desk. And being more productive by using a service instead of an in person meeting is certainly a help these days when we are constantly trying to do more in less time. Conferencing services have come a long way and you can use all of the same tools you would have access to in a room as you do online. So whether you do an audio or a web conference you should consider doing Pennsylvania conference calls to save time and money.

Audio - Audio conferencing has been around for a long time and is very easy to use. And a straightforward audio call is something everyone know how to use but you can also customize your meeting with sophisticated features to assist with you. One feature that could prove helpful is the ability to do sub-conferences. That way if you have a meeting with several people but you want to have a private discussion with a sub group of participants you can enable a break out called a sub-conference by using the Host controls from within the meeting. You can also adjust volume of your line into the meeting and the meeting participants into your phone to make sure you have the best fidelity available.

Web - With web services you can access a number of tools just like a live room. You can share a presentation with your audience and even encourage audience participation through polling and Q&A tools incorporated into the software. You can also share a video feed with your audience so they feel part of the presentation. A whiteboard is even present for brainstorming sessions. And handouts to your audience are a breeze as they can download your presentation right from the application. There is virtually nothing you can't do from within our web service that you can do in person except share the coffee and doughnuts. So save some time and money and do Pennsylvania conference calls instead of in person meetings.



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