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February 2010


What's New

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!! - Despite record breaking snowfall here on the East Coast our conference call operations have not been affected. In fact we are busy helping people trapped by the weather to continue to conduct business as usual using our Audio and Web Conferencing tools. If you haven't tried our Web Conferencing service yet you should. Our Web Conferencing intergrated with our Audio Conferencing provides a powerful platform from which you can conduct meetings just like a face to face meeting. And our Web Conferencing is easy to use and compatible with PCs and MACs alike. If you would like a personal demo of our Web Conferencing service just ask a Sales Representative today!

Did You Know?

You can control your Audio Conference from your PC while you are on the phone?

That's right, instead of using the touch tone commands on your telephone to access the Host controls for your meeting you can use your PC to monitor and control your audio conference. Just log into your conferencing Hub and click on the Start button under Audio Meetings in the Meet area of the Home Page. When you start the meeting from your PC you will see the participants on the audio conference and be able to control a number of functions including muting and sub conferences easily from your desktop.

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FAQ of the Month

Is Web Conferencing Secure?

At Zip Conferencing, we know the security of your conference is important to you, and have integrated a variety of features into our service to ensure your web conferences are completely confidential.

Web Security Codes: For Web conferences, you can add a web security code on the Schedule a Conference page. You can choose your own code or, since people often pick easily guessed codes, we also provide a random security code generator.
Firewall Protected: All of your Web conferences are conducted on servers sitting behind a firewall to make your conferences more secure.

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