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Oregon Calls are Full Featured with Zip Conferencing

Conference calls will save you time and money no matter which services provider you choose. But why not get the best combination of services and price? With Zip Conferencing you can get a full set of features and an incredibly low price. Some of the other providers that offer low rates don't give you the full set of features that you get with Zip Conferencing. Here is a sample of some of the features you get.

Options - Most companies are going to give you one flavor of calls. With Zip Conferencing you can customize your calls by accessing a number of options online. You can decide whether tones play when participants join, whether your participants hear music on hold and enable advanced security measures.

Host Controls - Once the call has begun you have access to a number of controls during the meeting like the ability to mute all of your participants. This is useful if you have a large audience or a noisy participant. You can even record the call and provide access to the recording following your meeting.

International Access - Zip Conferencing has an extensive network of access points around the globe for your international participants. They can access your calls from local numbers in over 30 countries or dial an international toll free number in over 40 countries.

Web Conferencing - Want to share what's on your PC with your participants? With Zip Conferencing we offer a fully integrated web conferencing service. You can use our service a little or a lot with our variety of subscription plans.



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