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January 2013


What's New


USF Charge decreased to 16.1% - The Universal Service Fund (USF) fee that we collect, like all conference call service companies, changes on a quarterly basis based on guidance from the FCC. The amount charged for the 1st quarter of 2013 will be 16.1% which is down from the 17.4% which was being charged in the 4th quarter 2012.

You can read more about the USF by going to the agency site which administrates the fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company.

Did You Know?


Zip Conferencing now Offers Operator Assisted Conference Calls?

If you are planning a conference call that requires extra special attention you might consider using our Operator Assisted Conferencing Service.  You will get a dedicated operator to assist you with every aspect of your meeting from pre-conference planning to the actual operation of the call.  This service is especially helpful when you have a large number of participants.  Our operator can keep your audience in a muted mode so you will not be interrupted during your presentation and then escort participants with questions onto your call in an orderly fashion.  If you are planning an event with more than 50 participants you may want to consider this service.  Speak to a sales representative about planning an Operator Assisted Conference Call.  For more information go to http://www.zipconferencing.com/operator-assisted-conference-calls.php


FAQ of the Month


Can I get a copy of an old invoice?

You can now access all of your past invoices online by going to our web site and logging in to the My Account area.  Once logged in you can access past invoices and update your credit card information.  You can also access your conferencing Hub directly from this area.  To log into your account online go to http://www.zipconferencing.com/conference-call-account.php

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