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Ohio Calls can Save the Day with Zip Conferencing

There are a lot of reasons to be prepared in case of an emergency and making sure your business is prepared with Ohio conference calls should be part of your emergency kit. Just like you should make sure you have batteries, flashlights and other items at home you should get an emergency kit ready at work. And even if you don't use remote meetings for your business on a regular basis, you should have the service set up just in case you need it. With Zip Conferencing you can sign up and get a set of information so that you can do your calls for free. There is no obligation and no charges unless you use the service. But having a service set up and your core management team on board with the information to join the call can really save the day in the event of an emergency.

Business Emergency - There are any number of business emergencies that may prompt you to use a remote meeting. Mergers and acquisitions is one event that would cause you to quickly assemble your management team or entire company. With Zip Conferencing you can have as many as 300 participants on a call so assembling your entire company is an easy task. And when everyone is on the same call you can deliver the message once and everyone will hear the same information accurately and timely.

Natural Disaster - If one of your business locations needs to react to a natural disaster a call will allow you to get your staff together to formulate back up plans for your business. Where will you locate the displaced employees until the location is operational? How will you continue to service your customers? As you work through the issues the disaster has caused you can continue to assemble your staff without the need for being in an office and deal with all of the details involved in the crisis.



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