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North Carolina Calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing

When you plan a meeting in a conference room you take it for granted that the lights will work so that you can hold your meeting. The same is with North Carolina conference calls. You simply expect when you dial the access number that the system will answer and when you put in you pass code you will join your meeting without any issues. But the fact is that a conference call network is like any other telecommunications network and is subject to outages and issues. So if the service provider you use has not taken steps to avoid issues you may find yourself shut out of your meeting room. Zip Conferencing has taken more steps than most providers to avoid the kind of issues that can plague a telecommunications network.

Back Up Power - The most important component to any network is power. Since all of the equipment requires power to run if there is a power outage all else is mute. Zip Conferencing has battery and generator back up power systems in place that eliminate any chance for a power outage. We can successfully run our entire business indefinitely thanks to the back up power systems we have in place.

Back Up Equipment - A step that most providers do not take due to the expense is having back up equipment on site. We have taken this one step further and have the back up equipment on hot standby which means it is powered up and ready to go in case of an issue with the equipment.

Multiple Carriers - Another step not taken by many other providers is having multiple telecommunication carriers. Our network is designed so that if there is a major outage on our primary long distance carrier we can switch our traffic to our secondary carrier. This step is only taken if our primary carrier has a major outage affecting our traffic like a back hoe cutting a main cable to their network.



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