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New York Calls can be Customized with Zip Conferencing

Ever hold a New York conference call and been annoyed every time a tome sounds when someone enters and exits the call? Or joined your call only to find your participants already deep in a conversation and it disrupts the start of your meeting? With Zip Conferencing you can customize your calls so that they work exactly the way you want them to with access to a number of features in your online account. Here are just some of the things you can control.

Entry/Exit Tones - Some people really like the tones that play when someone enters a call so that they can keep track of who is on the call. But having a tone sounds every time someone leaves the call can be disruptive, especially if you have a lot of people on the call. You can decide if you want a tone to sound when someone enters, exits or not at all. You can even have participants record their name and have that play into the call when they enter or exit.

Music on Hold - If you want your meeting not to start until you join the call then you can enable Music on Hold. That way participants will listen to music until the host joins the call. This will insure that your call starts when you join and not before. You can also set the system so that the call is disconnected when you leave the meeting. That way participants will not be able to talk after you have left the call.

Greeting Message - You can record a custom greeting that is played when participants join your meeting. Participants will be greeted by your message and know they are in the correct meeting.




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