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New Mexico Calls will increase productivity

Companies today are trying everything they can to do more with less and New Mexico conference calls are a good way to increase productivity while decreasing your costs. Just think of all the time you will save if you start doing audio and web meetings from the comfort of your office instead of hitting the road every time you need to have a meeting. And you will not lose anything by meeting online with your customers and prospects. Our audio and web tools will give you everything just as if you are in a room with your participants.

Audio - If you use just audio for your calls you can meet with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Our always ready services are easy to use from any phone. Just dial the access number and enter your pass code and you are in the meeting. and you didn't have to waste any time traveling to and from your meeting. Our Host Controls allow you to take charge in the meeting with the ability to mute participants and hold sub conferences with sub-groups in your meeting.

Web - Our powerful web tools give you the ability to share visual presentations through your PC with your participants. You can do a PowerPoint presentation and mark up the slides as a group. You can conduct a poll of your participants during the meeting to keep their attention and you can even share a video feed of yourself. The only thing missing compared to a room is the need to buy lunch. And when the meeting is over you can get right back to work since you never left your desk.



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