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New Meeting Outlook Toolbar Now Available

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May 2011


What's New

New Meeting Outlook Toolbar Now Available

Our Meeting Outlook Toolbar is now ready to be downloaded.  When you log into your conferencing Hub you will see the link called "Outlook Toolbar" in the left navigation area.  Downloading this conference call tool will make starting or scheduling a meeting even easier.  You can also launch audio controls for your PC through the toolbar. That way you can control your conference call from your PC.  Your meeting information is kept in the toolbar so you don't need to remember your information.  If you are scheduling a meeting with people you can click on the toolbar and incorporate the conference call information into your Outlook meeting invitation quickly and seamlessly.  Try it Today!


If you have questions, please contact Sales at 866-704-2451 press 1.

Did You Know?

You can record your conference call and have participants dial in and listen to it?

That's right, Zip Conferencing allows you to record your conference calls from within the meeting itself.  Once you record the conference call you can provide a dial in number and pass code to participants and they can dial in and listen to the conference call at their convenience.  People dialing into the recording can also control the playback of the conference call by pausing, reversing and fast forwarding through the recording.  In addition, if you want you can download a copy of the recording or order a CD copy.


For more details on conference call recordings click http://www.zipconferencing.com/conference-call-international-rates.php


FAQ of the Month


How many people can I have on my conference call at one time?


With Zip Conferencing you can have as many as 300 participants on a conference call at one time.  If you anticipate having a large number of people on a conference call you may want to change some of the conference options on the call.  We would recommend using the Music on Hold option so that participants are listening to music before the Moderator joins.  We would also suggest muting all participants so that too much noise is not introduced into the conference call.


If you would like assistance with a large conference call, please contact Sales at 866-704-2451 press 1.


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