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New Jersey Calls are better with Zip Conferencing

Zip Conferencing is a New Jersey based provider and can make your calls better. No one provides a better combination of services, feature and price. Whether you use another provider today or are new to online meetings you will be happy you chose Zip Conferencing.

If you are a New Jersey company you can rest assured that you are dealing with a local company that understands the special needs of your state. If desired we can even come to your location and discuss how calls will save your company time and money. So whether your are in Bergen County or Cape May county you can take advantage of the great services and rates that Zip Conferencing another New Jersey company has to offer. Here are some of the things that we have to offer.

Reservationless - The most popular form of audio conferencing by far is the reservationless call. This type of meeting allows you to have a meeting with your participants whenever you like without having to reserve anything with the provider. That flexibility allows you to meet whenever you need to without worry.

Web Conferencing - This service provides you the ability to share what is on your computer screen with your participants while on the call. This is becoming more and more popular as people get familiar with it.

Quality - One thing you will always get with Zip Conferencing is quality. We use state of the art equipment connected to top tier telecommunications networks.

Reliability - Our systems are backed up by battery and generator power systems to ensure that your calls are as reliable as possible.

Support - With Zip Conferencing you get phone support 24/7/365 from representatives who can even join your call if necessary to assist you. New Jersey customers can even get personal support from a representative at your location when necessary.



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