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June 2010


What's New

New GlobalMeet Locations Available - We have added several new cities to our growing list of international cities with local access. Any participants on your conference calls in these cities can access the conference call by dialing a local number. There are over 30 cities around the world where participants can join your conference call using a local number. Here is a list of the new locations.

Mexico City

For more information on GlobalMeet Interantional Calling click here.

Additional Capacity Available - You can now have as many as 300 participants on a single conference call! In case you have a need for a large conference we now have the capacity to host a conference call with as many as 300 participants. To assist you when you are getting ready for a call of this size it is best to speak to a sales representative to make sure the call is configured for success. Just call 866-704-2451 and press 1 to discuss your needs prior to your event.

Did You Know?

You can have your participants listen to music before the Moderator joins the conference call?

That's right, you can make it so that your participants listen to music when they join your conference call instead of being able to speak to each other. As a standard setting your participants will be able to speak to each other as soon as they join the conference call even if the Moderator has not joined the call. But you can change this setting by logging into your conferencing Hub and accessing the Conference Options in the conference call reservation. Simply click the Music on Hold option and this feature will be turned on.

For more details on Conference Options click here.

FAQ of the Month

Where can I access my conference call information?

If you have forgotten your conference information you can access it by logging into your conferencing Hub and view it within your profile online. When you log in simply click the "My Profile" link in the upper right of your Home page. You can also edit this information or add additional conference calls to your account at any time through the conferencing Hub.

For more details on accessing conference information click here.


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