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You control your Montana conference calls with Zip Conferencing

Most service providers will tell you how your calls are going to be programmed. With Zip Conferencing you decide what options you use for your meetings and control them yourself. You can have tones sound or not and have music on hold or not along with a host of other features. But the best part is you get to control all of these options when you log into your account online. Our online account management tool gives you access to everything you need to customize your experience. Here are a few of the things that you can access when you log onto your account.

Entry/Exit Tones - You can decide if a tone sounds when a participant enters or exits a conference call. Or, if you prefer, you can have no sound play when a participant enters or exits a call.

Music on Hold - If you don't want your participants talking before you enter the call you can set the system to play music to the participants before you join the meeting. That way they cannot speak to each other.

View Invoices - Need to look at a past invoice? Simply log into your account and you can pull up any of the past invoices you have had in previous months.

Update Credit Card - You can log in to update your credit card information anytime you like. The new credit card will be used for all future invoices.




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