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Mississippi Conference Calls can be customized with Zip Conferencing

Many service providers set up their conferencing equipment to deliver calls a certain way for all of their customers. If you want to run your meetings a certain way you would need to contact the company and attempt to change some of the options. With Zip Conferencing you can customize your calls by controlling a number of options through your online account access. Here are some of the options you can control.

Entry/Exit Tones - Probably the most common option people like to control is whether a tone sounds when a participant enters or exits a call. You can control whether a tone sounds when participants enter and exit a call or just enter or exit. Or you can silence all tones so there are no tones when a participant enters or leaves a meeting. You can even have participants record their name so it is announced when they enter or leave the meeting or just for a roll call so you know who is in the meeting.

Music on Hold - If you don't want the participants to be able to talk before you join your call then you can set Music on Hold which means your participants will listen to music until the moderator of the call joins the conference. You can also have our system disconnect all participants at the end of the call if you don't want participants speaking after you leave the meeting.

Post-Conference Reports - Curious about the details of the meeting? You can have our system send you and email after the call with the details of the meeting. You will be able to see the number of participants, their connect times and even the number they called in from in the report.



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