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Minnesota Conference Calls are more Reliable with Zip Conferencing

Conference calls can be very beneficial for your business by saving time and money as compared to an in person meeting. But just like you expect the lights to work in your conference room for your meeting you simply need the call to work or it is not going to save you anything. The reliability of your service provider is an essential piece in the puzzle yet many people do not consider this when selecting a vendor. Yet price and features are nothing if the service is unavailable or introduces noise in the meeting or drops its participants. Here are some of the steps that Zip Conferencing has taken to make sure your call is there when you need it.

Battery Back Up - Since all of the equipment we use runs on electricity the most important component is the power to these systems. Because of this we have battery and generator back up systems in place so that we can remain in service no matter what happens to the commercial power. In fact, our generators can power our entire business indefinitely.

Back Up Equipment - Our systems themselves are also redundant in case there is an equipment failure. We have hot stand by equipment that can be switched over instantaneously in the event of a failure. This is a very expensive step that many service providers do not take.

Redundant Telecommunications Connections - What happens if the long distance carrier we use has a major outage? Zip Conferencing has connections to multiple long distance carriers and could switch traffic to an alternate carrier in the event of a major outage.

Direct Digital Connections - Our calls are crystal clear thanks to our direct digital connections to our telecommunications providers. These connections provide high quality connectivity directly to the long distance network so that it sounds like you are in the same room with your participants.

These are just some of the steps we have taken to make sure your calls are reliable and provide the high quality you expect.



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