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Massachusetts conference calls can be customized with Zip Conferencing

Conference calls help companies save time and money no matter what options they have but why settle for anything less than a call that works they way you like? Let's face it there are some things about your meetings you like and other you may not. Well, with Zip Conferencing you can customize your call using options available through our easy to use online account management tool and have the call operate exactly the way you like. Here are just a few of the options you can control when you use Zip Conferencing for your calls.

Entry and Exit Tones - One of the most common things people like to customize is the use of tones to announce the entry and exit of participants into the call. With Zip Conferencing you can choose if a tone is played when a participant enters the call, exits the call or neither. Many people like to know when someone enters the conference but does not like a tone to sound when they exit as it may interrupt the meeting.

Name Announce - Another way to announce people into the meeting is to have their name announced when they come in. When a participant joins the call the system records their name and then plays their name to all participants when they enter.

Music on Hold - As a host of meetings you may want to allow your participants to talk before you enter the conference. But if you don't, you can have the participants listen to music until the host joins the call. This is called music on hold.

Automatic Breakdown - Another option some host like is to make sure the call ends when they leave the call. Otherwise participants can continue to talk when the host has left the call. With this option when the host leaves the call it automatically disconnects all other participants.

With Zip Conferencing you can fully customize your meetings.



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