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Maryland Conference Calls are more Reliable with Zip Conferencing

Whether you pay a little or a lot for conference calls they are no good unless they work. So even though there are many different options available from different providers the only thing that really matters is that your call is there when you need it to be. And with Zip Conferencing your online meetings have never been more reliable. Here are just some of the steps we have taken to make sure you will always have your meeting when you need it.

Back Up Power - Without power the equipment cannot operate. All of our equipment is connected to battery and generator back up. In the event of a power outage the battery provides uninterrupted power to the bridges. The generator then kicks in and can provide power indefinitely to our equipment.

Back Up Equipment - In the event of an equipment problem we maintain hot standby parts that can be switched on instantly providing uninterrupted meetings. This is a very expensive step to take and not all providers maintain hot standby equipment like Zip Conferencing.

Back Up Telecommunications Carriers - Another step we have taken to insure your calls are always available is back up telecommunication carriers. This is in case a long distance provider has a major outage. We have the ability to switch to an alternate long distance provider.



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