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Maine Conference Calls are just like being there

Whether you are doing calls between Portland and Bangor or across the country, when you do a call with Zip Conferencing it is just like being there. We offer all of the services you need that make it just like being in a conference room with your participants.

Crystal Clear Connections - Unlike a call you do yourself, a call with Zip Conferencing uses the latest equipment and direct connections to our long distance providers to give you a crystal clear connection. All participants can speak at the same time so it is just like you are in the same room.

Host Controls - You have full control over the meeting with our Host controls that give you volume control and the ability to hold sub-conferences with participants as necessary in addition to other features.

Application Sharing - With Web Conferencing you can share applications on your computer with the other participants on your call. Virtually anything on your computer screen can be shared real time with the participants on the call.

White Boarding - Just like a real conference room, with Web Conferencing, your call can give you a white board to share with the other participants. Actively collaborate and brain storm on a white board that everyone can see.

Video - You can even share a video feed of yourself and your participants across your meeting. Our system even has an active talker mechanism that automatically shows the person who is speaking.



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