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Low Cost Conference Calls

Low Cost Conference Calls can help your bottom line

Conference calls can easily and quickly help your bottom line. Just like a regular long distance phone call, a vendor who provide high quality low cost conference calls can reduce your expenses without taking anything away from the services your are getting. That is if the calls are as good as the vendor you have and if they still provide the same level of service.

So now that you have made the choice to reduce your costs with conference calls what do you need to look for to make sure you are not losing anything when you make the switch? Here are some areas to pay attention to when searching out a services provider.

Features - Make sure that the service still provides the features you use on a call. Zip Conferencing offers calls that still provide the ability to record the call, mute participants, adjust volume and even hold sub conferences with participants. You also have access to your account online and can customize the call to your liking by controlling whether tones sound when participants enter and exit the conference and whether the call can still take place without the moderator in the meeting. There are a whole host of options you have access to with Zip Conferencing. Many of these features are not available with lower cost service providers.

Quality - Maybe the most important thing to look for in a vendor is the quality of their service. What good are low cost calls if they don't work? Ask the provider if they have battery back up on their systems, or spare bridges in case of emergency. Do they offer any kind of a test call? What about contracts? With Zip Conferencing we don't require you to sign any long term contracts. We are confident that if you use our service you will stay with us because of the quality of our services.

Support - Another area to inquire about is in the area of support. Services sometimes come with reduced support. With Zip Conferencing we offer support 24/7 365 days a year including support from within the call itself. If you ever have any questions or problems you know you can reach someone at Zip Conferencing.

It is fine to look for low cost conference calls but make sure the service company you choose does not short change you.

Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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